Rovergamma borns in 1976 by its founder Enzo Pezzani, expert in non-destructive testings and heat treatment extrafurnace.
The company is now run by his son Cristian, which ensures continuity in providing a service to third parties serious, timely and of excellent quality for the execution of non-destructive testing such as radiography testings, gammagraphic testings, ultrasonic testings and measurement of thicknesses , magnetic particle with portable equipment and workbench, magneto-inductive testings of wire ropes with computerized equipments, penetrant liquid testings, visual examinations as well as trials, inspections, expediting, management of periodical control plans, thermographic inspections etc ...
The activities described are carried out by qualified and certified personnel to the second level for NDT in VT-RT-UT-MT-MIT-PT methods as applicable in European regulations (UNI EN ISO) and American (ASME)