Ultrasonic Testing

This kind of Non Destructive Testing detects discontinuities in the tested piece being able to establish the nature, the position and the depth of the same. Rovergamma carries out ultrasound testings on laminates forged, forgings and welds; also performs testings through thickness measurements with “phased array” methodology to assess the state of corrosion of pipes, tanks, exchangers, etc.

To run the Ultrasound Testings Rovergamma has:
  • Panametrics Epoch 4 Plus, Epoch 4B 
Krautkramer USN 58
  • GE Phasor XS for testings “Phased Array”
Tools for thickness measurements:
  • Panametrics 37 D1 Plus, for the relief of thickness on painted components and at high temperatures (up to 180 °C)
  • Panametrics MG2-X
  • Panametrics 26MG
The image shows an area with the presence of corrosion (red-orange) with minimum thickness of 3.38 mm, while the original thickness (yellow) is of 6.49 mm.